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The Spring 2016 submission deadline is Monday, February 29th at noon.


Submission Guidelines


Art: up to 3 jpegs at 2 MB, any media


Writing: all creative writing should be submitted in .doc or .docx (Word document) format and use 12 pt. Times New Roman font; please do not resend previous submissions unless you have since edited them

             Poetry: up to 3 poems of about 30 lines or less each

             Prose: up to 3 pieces (fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, etc.)

                         approximately  2,000 words or less each

            World Language: poetry and prose guidelines apply; if possible,

                         please include an English translation


We only accept submissions from current University of Kentucky undergraduate students.


To submit your work, attach your file(s) to an email addressed to (“shaleuk” at “gmail” dot “com”). Please include the title(s) of your piece(s) and the respective file name(s), as well as your first and last name, in the body of the email. We ask that you do not include your name in the actual file(s). You may also direct questions regarding submissions to the above address.


Additionally, we welcome collaborative pieces, whether they are collaborative in combining multiple forms of expression (e.g., a short story accompanying an oil painting) or are formed from collaboration between multiple people. However, in the case of the former, we cannot guarantee that both pieces will be published—your painting may be a visual marvel, but if your story has no plot, we will only publish the painting.

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