Our philosophy of opportunity also applies to the composition of our staff. Not only are we devoted to providing others with the ability to experience great art, but to giving them the chance to gain experience in reviewing and publishing this art. Our staff is comprised of students with various majors, minors, interests, and backgrounds. Amidst all of our celebrated differences exist commonalities—Shale staff members are dedicated, hardworking individuals interested in publishing others' creative works and being part of a team.


Moreover, Shale is run by a volunteer staff, with potential turnover in each publication cycle. To inquire about joining our team, email with your resume or CV and relevant editing, design, or marketing experience. We are looking for freshmen and sophomores especially, and we tend to have more openings in the fall than in the spring.

Nathan R. Petrie
editor-in-chief / junior english & integrated strategic
communication, theatre minor
I tell stories, read comics, and find geocaches. 116. Amy Dotson
social media manager / freshman
Amy Dotson is a Neuroscience Major in her Freshman year at UK. In her spare time, she enjoys reading comic books, playing Pokemon, and hiking. Sarah Wagner
managing layout & design editor / senior
architecture & english
Interested in building spaces, literary and physical.
Ashley Worley
managing art editor / senior
art education & art studio
I make stuff. I’m emotionally attached to all of my paintbrushes. I spend entirely too much time looking at baby animal pictures online. Breakfast is my favorite time of the day. Shannon Newberry
promotional design / senior
Shannon is a connoisseur of aged root beer and fine zebra cakes. She is often found prancing about in the woods with unicorns. Jiv Johnson
poetry editor / freshman
english, appalachian studies minor
I’ve never read Shakespeare in my life but they still gave me a spot on staff. Cassie Payne
art editor / junior
art studio, communication minor
Slytherin. Enjoys sushi, poetry, trees, videogames, watercolor, and dogs. Sometimes she time travels. Ashley Dunomes
prose editor / senior
english (imaginative writing) & arts administration
I love all things created by Shonda Rhimes. I tend to write stories that involve unnecessary character deaths. I periodically get into debates with people over social justice issues. Also, I sing embarrassingly loud in the shower. Kimber Gray
prose editor / senior
english (imaginative writing), communication minor
[sunflower emoji]
Jon Fish
managing prose editor / junior
political science & history
arabic and islamic studies minor
I could react to every situation in my life with the straight-line mouth emoji. Keep in mind that this edition of Shale doubles as a wedding invitation for my upcoming marriage to Stevie Nicks. We’re registered at the Harry Potter World gift shops, Orlando. William Montgomery
poetry editor / senior
I like good beer, The Beatles, and minimalist poetry. My shoes are usually dirty. Meg Coppala
poetry editor / freshman
english & gender and women’s studies
I write things and play things (instrument-type things). Science is poetry and music is mathematics. Sometimes I think about flowers blooming in the desert and I cry. Sommer Cade
art editor / sophomore
I am an architecture major, sophomore, and I have a passion for ridiculous dancing, punny jokes, and weird accents. Karly Walker
prose editor / sophomore
english (imaginative writing), spanish minor
Hi! I’m Karly and I’m a sophomore studying English, Creative writing, and Spanish. Apart from Shale, I love Netflix, Ryan Gosling, and, of course, UK. I want to give a special thanks to my support system: Riley, Sarah, and not Ben. Go Cats!
Yvonne Johnson
managing poetry editor / junior
english & computer science
Some of my interests include studying languages, writing, doing triathlons, watching anime and exploring social psychology. Mariana Carvalho
assistant layout designer / senior
architecture, art studio minor
My passion for architecture stems from the idea that architecture can affect people, their quality of life, their emotions, and their ability to see the world differently. Anita Shanker
poetry editor & french guest editor / senior
french & biology
I love doing headstands, speaking French, and thinking about short stories and poems without writing them down as much as I should. Tiffany L. Combs
art editor / senior
architecture, art studio minor
INTJ. Ravenclaw. Power tool addict. I enjoy 3AM conversations over bad food and coffee. I consider myself an advocate of the passionately creative. I hold strong beliefs in the phrase: “Do it for the DIY.” And, that’s just me.


Elizabeth Angell
prose editor / senior
equine science, english minor
I’m a bit of a writer and a bit of collector. I love reading and writing fantasy, queer romance, and mythological pieces. Good cups of tea and homemade pastries steal my heart and soul. “Make good art.” - Neil Gaiman

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